Thursday, May 12, 2005


I almost feel sorry ...

Almost, but not quite.

It's a hell of a job, but if you can't take losing, don't put your head above the parapet.

Dignified in defeat, Alasdair should be taking notes. If there was a swing against Calum, Almo's facing a landslide.

Friday, May 06, 2005



I didn't expect that result; nor did Calum by the look of his face.

Congrats to the Rev and to Angus MacNeil for removing an obstacle to progress.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Don't go back to Scalpay

(Apologies to REM)

Calum - you haven't been to Scalpay and you haven't been in contact with anyone about the factory closure.

Now you aren't welcome - and that comes from the workers in the factory and their family who are voting to get you out.

I've just seen that the factory was opened by Henry "Muddle, not a fiddle" MacLeish. Whatever happened to him?

Goodbye, Calum

There is no doubt in my mind, Calum is away.

OCV (Rev Hargreaves) is going to remove his majority; wind farms protestors are going to destroy it; and, disillusionment with Labour is going to give the SNP the seat.

The Bookie is offering good odds, and I'm away to rob him. :-))))

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Calum MacDonald - too little too late

A friend in Harris phoned this morning about the news about Stolt. His job has gone, and his prospects in Harris are minimal.

Assuming closure is announced today, he's leaving for the mainland and taking his family with him; pulling the kids out of school, and he doesn't expect to be back.

He's held down a minimum wage job just to remain here, and has now been kicked in the teeth.

"Calum promised to do everything, and did nothing", he said. "The EU import duty is too little too late - the industry was lost when control passed to the Norwegians, and our politicians did nothing".

"Still", he added sardonically, "When we go, unemployment in the islands will fall; there will be fewer children in poverty; and fewer claiming Tax Credits. All good things according to Calum."

He knows he can sell the family croft house for a fortune to retirees, but if he does that he'll never ever be able to come back. Nor will his kids.

Is this what we want for our islands???

Last night

I was visiting my cousin in Stornoway when a poorly-produced scabby red leaflet was pushed through the door.

My cousin, who works for the Comhairle, read the contents and exploded: "Calum is claiming credit for the roads, the schools PFI and the new house building!!! All that work has been done with our department and funded by the Scottish Executive and that [expletive deleted] tosser hasn't had anything to do with it. [Expletives deleted] didn't have anything to do with the job creation either."

Ooops, another lost vote.

BTW, the leaflet looked and felt like a quickly cobbled together photocopy, and screamed of desperation. What is going on??

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Planning objections forbidden?

As if Calum hadn't enough problems .....

It looks like the Scottish Executive will prevent the public objecting to major planning issues, such as the Lewis Wind Power scheme, or - heaven forbid - a nuclear power station for Lewis.

As Brian Wilson seems to be pushing both renewables and nuclear, it looks like the public may be prevented from objecting to either of his schemes.

Monday, May 02, 2005


WHFP sceptical about Calum

This week's WHFP does, I think, catch the mood of the moment in the Western Isles.

The WHFP has never failed to endorse a Labour candidate, so their view on the Western Isles is therefore even more surprising - the SNP will probably win, but Calum might hold on if the SNP vote doesn't turn out.

Somewhat hysterically (which tells you a lot about the groundswell) Calum is described as a "sceptic" on large scale windfarms. This will come as news to objectors who will rememebr Calum's unquestioning support for wind farms. It was only later that Calum starting pushing community ownership, as his website testifies.
(Declare an interest: I'm likely to be able to see the turbines from my window, should they be built)
Calum's view has varied as the public opposition has grown, and only when he misjudged the mood did he become a convinced sceptic.

Now, I'm totally insulted

When I thought it couldn't get worse!!!!

Over the weekend I got my first approach from a Labour activist and family friend. Not only did he assume that I was voting for Calum, but he made no attempt to persuade me how to vote. I had always voted Labour (as far as he knew) and I always would. When I got a bit angry about his asssumptions and about Iraq he assumed I was taking the p*ss and laughed at me.

Then when he realised I was serious, he told me to vote Labour as Tony wasn't going to be leader for long.

What sort of message is that to try to sell to your core voters? My mother heard it all and was appalled, and has vowed never to vote Labour again.

Iraq - coming back to haunt Calum MacDonald

Now the cover-up is falling apaprt. Do they really think that the public can't see the pathetic squirming and lying as they pretend that their position has not changed.

It really is disgusting to watch.

Friday, April 29, 2005


What the papers say

The Times believe Calum has gone...

Goodbye Labour

I started this blog as a sceptical Labour voter. I distrusted Tory Tony, but was prepared to give the party the benefit of the doubt, as I believed they had my values.

As a lapsed Labour member I have waited for the Labour Party to contact me asking for my vote. And waited. And Waited. I am not alone in this.

No letter. No phone call. No car sticker. No neighbours trying to pesuade me to rejoin the party (not that I would, after Iraq!). No requests to put a poster in my garden.

Last week I met Angus MacNeil for the first time.

I've never voted SNP before, but at least Angus had an interest in what I was saying and shared many of my beliefs.

Last night was the last straw.

Labour lied about Iraq. They tried to cover up, and - sin of sins - did it badly. They've been caught out, and instead of apologising and being honest, they've tried to brazen it out and tried to cover up the cover up. I'm disgusted that they have sunk to this level, and they have now lost my vote. Forever.

I could never trust Labour again, and I'm going to do what I can to remove them, and that means voting SNP, and persuading all my firends to do the same.

Calum, you've blown it big time.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Calum MacDonald misunderstands depopulation

Having had nothing of any substance from the Labour Party (where are those car stickers this year???) I'm having to rely on Gazette reports. Which is less than satisfactory.

Calum proclaims that unemployment has dropped. Yes Calum BUT, that's only because your Government's policies have meant that those of working age have left the island and now live in Inverness, Aberdeen or Glasgow.

What's his next target? Ensuring that there are no children living below the poverty line, by ensuring that there are no children born in the Western Isles?

All my classmates have gone away. No children were born in my village last year. The houses are being sold to retirees at prices I can't afford.

Still, unemployment is down, so I should be happy about this unsustainable trend.

I'm bloody angry, and I intend to make sure Calum gets a bloody nose next week.

Angus G blasts Calum MacDonald

Angus Graham has a good go at Calum in this weeks Gazette.

Calum's response - I've made the Comhairle even bigger and more unmanageable with more jobs for the boys; and I blame a Labour appointee (Ross Finnie) for the crofting cock-up.

Hmmmm! Both of these issues are reserved, and neither are Calum's responsibility.

But let's look closer at what Calum says.

Instead of reducing dependence on the state by creating new private sector jobs, Calum believes that success is measured in the White House getting even fatter and more crammed with paper-pushers.

Secondly, Almo can't do his job properly and needs Calum to help him. Remember, this legislation is the supposedly the fault of Ross ("Cpt Mainwairing") Finnie. Yet, he was appointed by Jack McConnell. The legislation was approved by the Executive i.e. Jack. The legislation was passed through the Parliament, where presumably Almo opposed it and highlighted all these issues (hint: he didn't). And, it is being played up by the Labour party as A Good Thing.

Good on you AG.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Beaten to the punch

Here's me thinking I had all the news first, when I find that Cllr Angus Nicholson has already told Calum that he was in breach of the DPA.

No word on how Calum has reacted, but my sources are keeping their ears to the ground.

I can't see how Calum can get around this breach in the law, and I forecast a complaint to the Police and the Returning Officer.

Remember you read this here first :-)

Forward, not back

Pity that Calum didn't take the old East German slogan to heart when he published the Labour newspaper (sic) in this week's Gazette.

As Calum basks in the glory days of the last Parliament but one with photots of Donald Dewar opening the Scalpay bridge in 1998, I though now was the time to re-evaluate his previous promises. But let's start with what he has promised Labour will deliver in the next parliament, and ask the simple question - Why haven't they done it yet?

I've dug out my copy of the Labour Record from the last election .... more to follow.

Friday, April 22, 2005


A Third World country

Isn't it a savage condemnation of the Government that the OSCE are sending observers to ensure that the election in the UK is conducted fairly. This only happens whent here is a risk of fraud or other improper activities.

Any day Blair will invite Dubya to "liberate" the UK and bring democracy to the people!

Calum Macdonald - criminal

Q. What law is Calum breaking?

A. The WICLP and Alasdair Morrison are not registered under the data protection act, so they are breaking the law if they use computerised records to identify supporters. Calum is not registered for political activity, so he's stuffed too.

My understanding is ... if Calum gets info from Alasdair or any other source, he's breaking the law.

What are the Labour Party playing at, making such fundamental errors?

Overheard in the pub....

Labour supporters to SNP supporter: "Why on earth did you pick a Barra Catholic? You know that Lewis will never vote for a Catholic."

"Mind you, I hope they do."

Thursday, April 21, 2005


The empty office

I wondered past Calum's election office thrice in the past few days. Not so much the black hole of Calcutta as the Marie Celleste.

The SNP office seemed to be heaving, and the Lib Dems was closed.

The Tories were invisible and Dan Murray has yet to allow his candidate anywhere near the public.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Labour care about the Western Isles

As the SNP claim is that Westminster doesn't care about the Western Isles, it is astonishing to see the Labour Party website claim...

Labour in your area
There are no statistics yet for your new constituency because it has only just been created as a result of boundary changes across Scotland. But you can see here the improvements Labour's brought about in your area since we came to office in 1997. Click on the local contact information link to see details of your candidate for Parliament.

And then gives Calum's contact details as being John Smith House, Glasgow.

Talk about selling the pass....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Calum, Calum, Calum

No "Printed and Published by...." on last week's Gazette advert.

What has happened to the fabled (sic) Labour Party machine? My spies tell me that the wheels are coming off.

{No, this isn't the law breaking I was referring to - more to follow next week}

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Patricia Hewitt - insincerity personified

She's at it again; schoolmistressly patronising to the masses, she talks advanced bollocks for bureauocrats. Not just that, she turns in the wind like a piece of confetti.

Or in this instance, like a P45 in Birmingham.

So, presumably she'll give evidence support the Rover 4 to the "inquiry" proposed by Gordon Brown.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Labour aim for full employment

And give us redundancies at:
where next? Perhaps at 4 South Beach? :-)

Criminal Calum

Here's a teaser.

Q. Which law has Calum MacDonald been in persistent breach of?

A. To follow :-)))))

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Calum MacDonald and pylons

Why, oh why, has Calum tried to keep us in the dark about the pylons that are now going to stride across the moor?

As a (equivocal) supporter of windfarms, I am appalled that Calum has tried to mislead the public over the vast number of pylons that wil be needed.

It probably doesn't change my view, but Calum will be stirring up a hornets nest by appearing to deliberately mislead the voters.

How can he be so stupid or dishonest?

Labour Passport policy is madness

Ignore the data protection and privacy issues, and just read the principles of the report.

If I want a new passport, and I going to have to travel to Glasgow to collect one? We are already disadvantaged enough without the need to travel 300 miles just to get the rigth to go on holiday.

Why do Labour have this totalitarian streak that they feel the need to exercise at every opportunity?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Friends of Calum (3)

As the Scotsman reports:

Yesterday, Jack McConnell flew to the Western Isles to visit the school building with Calum MacDonald, the Westminster parliamentary Labour candidate for the Western Isles constituency (now known as Na h-Eileanan an Iar). Outside of this election, such a visit would be quite legitimate. Indeed, even during such an election campaign, it would be unremarkable. After all, education and school building are devolved matters.

What has caused protest was the simultaneous presence of the First Minister with the Labour Party candidate. Does this not muddy the waters with local voters, creating the impression, unintended though it may be, that the rebuilding of the school was in some way a Westminster issue?

Would not the appearance of the First Minister with the candidate convey the impression of some form of favourable treatment and endorsement? And should not the cost of the air flight be treated as a party-political expense, rather than part of the First Minister’s travel expenses to be paid out of Scottish Executive funds?

But the big question is, why wasn't Calum in Parliament to deal with what he is paid to do? Could this be because he has only attended 69% of the votes in the last parliament?


Just how brown nosed is Calum MacDonald?

Thanks to the Guardian for the following ....

How Calum MacDonald voted on the following key parliamentary votes:
Identity cards - No vote
Foxhunting ban - For
University tuition fees - For
Foundation hospitals - For
Iraq war - For military action (Guga: Despite being told not to by the WICLP)
An all elected House of Lords - Against
Adoption by unmarried and gay couples - Against
Detention of terror suspects without trial - For

If you are re-elected, what single piece of legislation would you like to help enact?
My primary focus will continue to be to tackle depopulation in the islands by giving Hebrides the level of economic growth its educated and skilled population deserves, and which can encourage its young people to return. I shall also encourage the further spread of land reform with a target of 70% of the Western Isles being in community ownership by the end of the next Parliament.

What does the second response mean? It means that Calum is devoid of ideas and policies, and after 8 years, Labour still haven't a clue.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Calum MacDonald is a wet fish

As Stolt disappear from the fish farming scene, Calum is quoted in the WHFP saying

“There is a great deal of anxiety in the Western Isles about Marine Harvest’s plans for the Scalpay factory after the proposed merger with Stolt. I have written to Cameron Davidson, the managing director of Marine Harvest, urging him to consult with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Western Isles Enterprise and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar before any plans are announced that might affect the status quo at Scalpay."

Wow! That'll worry them to the core. How dynamic, how representative, how helpful. Calum, why don't you just visit Scalpay and talk to the voters, instead of talking at them???

Gadaffi is already telling them not to ever vote for you again, as you are worse that a wet weekend in Mangersta with the mother-in-law. Mind you, Duncan MacInnes once described Alasdair at a WIFA meeting as, "As much use as a f*ing chocolate fire guard"

Friday, April 08, 2005


Someone tell Dokus, quick

Oops, but you can't say anything political for the next 4 weeks. Silence will be a blessing for us all.

Don't vote for Calum macDonald - says Labour

In a shock development, the New Statesman is advising it's readers not to vote Labour. Given that the ex-Paymaster General (Geoffery Robinson) is the editor, this is surprising, and probably puts his knighthood in doubt.

With friends like that .... Bye, bye, Calum.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


And they are off....

Quite possibly the least exciting election in years. I'm really, really, looking forward to this, as Calum may say something of interest about something.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Nonsense claims

Anyone who read this weeks Gazette would be shocked by the poverty of Calum's claims.

According to him, we should vote Labour as the last time that the population in the Western Isles increased was when Labour were in power in the 70s; and, Labour had spent a lot of money on CalMac.

If the first is accurate, then the past 8 years have been a savage condemnation of Labour.

The second, is - of course - a devolved power, and nothing to do with Calum.

Is he actually trying to lose???

Thursday, March 31, 2005


Calum MacDonald's record in Parliament ... terrible. Thanks to

Performance data

  • Spoke in 11 debates in the last year — 503rd out of 659 MPs.
  • Asked 9 written questions in the last year — 451st out of 659 MPs.
  • Has attended 69% of votes in parliament — 332nd out of 657 MPs. (From Public Whip)
  • This MP hardly ever rebels against their party — 264th out of 649 MPs. (From Public Whip)


Calum MacDonald voted to kill children in Iraq

A shocking UNHCR report today advises that Iraq - one of the oil-richest coutnries in the world - has suffered a doubling in child mortality rates since the war.

Despite numerous predictions to this effect, and despite the opposition of the WI CLP, Calum towed the party line, and has allowed the Americans to loot and destroy the Iraqi infrastructure to such an extend that it has been pushed into the Third World.

However bad Saddam was, the Americans - ably assisted by Tony - are driving the arab countries into the open arms of the militants.

This is just not bad planning, it is criminal behaviour.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Calum MacDonald voted for this nonsense

We all knew the system of Control Orders was stupid (for the benefit of Labour MPs reading this without a party minder to vet it, this means "It's a Good Idea, because Tony said so, and he's *a pretty trustworthy guy*").

They you read about how it operates in practice according to The Guardian and The Register, and you realise the sheer stupidity of it all.

It is a pity that the backbench sheep scrutinise only their pagers and not the legislation.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Iraqi war

Calum was told by the local party to vote against the war. He voted for it, and it is coming back to haunt the Labour Party.

Today we see that the legal advice from the Attorney General was leant on, and persuaded to change his view to allow Dubya and Tony to murder innocent civillians.

Remember Calum told us that he "trust Tony Blair's judgement" about finding WMDs. Not a good judgement by Calum, as he has alienated his executive committee by his stupidity.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Calum's retirement home

How did Calum get the Crofters Commission to give him permission to get land and build houses in Brenish?

As a non-crofter, he shouldn't have been allowed to do this, but somehow it was waived through.

If a bad, evil landord had done this, Calum and Brian would have been up in arms. However, crofting reform to preserve the crofting communities seems drafted to only apply to the English and non-Labour voters, and exempt MPs and their hangers-on.

Windfarms or .....

If you are a Labour voter, then their energy policy is clear.

Calum is all in favour of windfarms, telling everyone just how good they will be for the Western Isles. Everyone outside the Western Isles that is, as his profile here is so low as to be underwater. However, having made his position clear he has suck by it. Mostly. Without backtracking. Much.

If you are a Labour voter, then their energy policy is clear.

Labour MP and former Energy Minister Brian Wilson is all in favour of nuclear. "I think the more we move this debate into the context of global warming and carbon reduction then the less sense it makes to get rid of the one source of electricity in this country which produces large volumes of carbon-free electricity."

Not however, when the windpower is being produced by the Virtual Power, that anonymous company based in the British Virgin Isles. How much of that company does he own? And why is he and the muppet for Uig trying to stop the community development of windpower in that area?

Isn't the underemployed muppet supposedly in charge (sic, ad infinitim) of community developments for WIE?

CalMac stike latest

Wasn't it a pathetic sight to see Calum defending the prviatisation of CalMac; the offshoring of jobs and employment; and, the removal of employment rights. All perpetrated by the Labour Party in the name of Thatcherism.

Is there any truth in the rumour that his former election agent, George Lonie has refused to work for or vote for Calum at the next election? My spies tell me Calum has no election committee.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Calum's profile

Writing about the former Yugoslavia, Oliver Kamm says:

Almost all the others were - with due respect to them, for they were noble souls - obscure, such as the Tory Sir Patrick Cormack and the Labour MP for the Western Isles, Calum MacDonald.

I sense that Calum will be even more obscure after 5 May.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Calum's plans

Rumours persist that Calum intends to stand down as an MP at the last moment. According to well-placed Labour sources over a pint (or two) at the weekend he has lost the confidence of the activists, and is preferring to look for a sinecure as an Assoc Professor in Cambridge (or is it Oxford).

Of course, this would entitle him to a huge payoff, bonus pension contributions (4 years?) into the best and most padded pension scheme in the world.

This would create a vacancy for a suitably qualified and under-employed Councillor.

Friends of Calum (2)

Why is Labour Councillor who is also a WIE employee still not listed on the contacts page of WIE?

It's been almost 6 months since he got a non-job, at a location outside WIE HQ, and he still doesn't have a phone number or email address.

Wouldn't we all like a job like that.


Due to the low level of activity coming from Calum, you sometimes have to dig a bit deeper. Then you find a shocker...

This sought to extend the rights granted to homosexual couples to be treated the same as married couples, to cover siblings who live together!?!

Calum, if you don't do something soon, I'll keep digging and embarass you even further.

As the BBC say, "He has a low profile in Westminster, particularly since 1999"

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Mixed message on imigration

As Tony claims to be very strict on immigrants, Calum undermines him:

Thank you for your recent email. I believe your are referring to the recent case of the Ay family. My understanding is that the courts have supported the Government view the that Ay family was not eligible for asylum. The decision to challenge this view through protracted legal proceedings was the decision of the Ay family itself.

The present Government has the most generous legal immigration policy in Europe. More immigrants enter the UK each year than at any previous time in UK history. In concert with this policy, however, I believe the Government is right to distinguish clearly between legal immigrants and justified asylum seekers on the one hand, and illegal immigrants by unjustified asylum seekers on the other, and to apply the law firmly and fairly in the case of the latter.

Personally, I think we should be letting many more people into the UK, as their skills andabilities are need to keepthis country going. The petty racism shown by New Labour (sic) panders to the jack booted racists, and no-one else.


Thanks for all the suggestions as to who the 'partner' is. The suggestions are entertaining, if obviously inaccurate. I can confirm it is not - and never has been - Sister Wendy Alexander.

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